Board and Management

Khalid Saleem Mian

Mr. Khalid Saleem Mian (Late)

Managing Director

Equipped with vast experience in the Banking and Financial Sector, Mr. Khalid Saleem Mian had joined Reko Pharmacal in 1987. He helped bring a progressive change and extensive growth to the organization. Mr. Khalid’s vision and his exceptional ability as a team leader assisted in operationalizing innovative ideas within the organization, leading the company to achieve ISO 9001: 2008 certification and cGMP standards. He also served as a member of the Central Executive Committee in the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association (PPMA) in the years 2009-10. He passed away on 10th January 2017 but his vision and prescience for his organization continue, instilled in the fabric of Reko Pharmaceutical.


Mrs. Seemal Khalid Mian

Chief Executive Officer

With an MBE in Marketing and over 15 years of diverse experience in Marketing, Mrs. Seemal has successfully headed the marketing department at Reko Pharmacal for over a decade now. In order to further enhance her knowledge base in this field, she has completed several courses in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Ethical Marketing Practices from the National University of Science and Technology and Pakistan Institute of Management. Mrs. Seemal currently holds a place in the Central Executive Committee of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association (PPMA).

Mr. Sameer Iftikhar

Executive Director

Equipped with vast experience in the Banking & Financial sector as a Corporate Banker, Sameer joined Reko Pharmacal in 2017.  He has been responsible for instigating progressive change and growth in the organization. Sameer has earned an MBA from the UK, which provides him with the knowledge to deal with the ever-changing environment of the Pharma sector.


Ms. Shazah Khalid Mian

Human Resource Director

Ms. Shazah joined Reko in 2011 as the chair of our Human Resources department. She has acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Masters in Human Resource and Employment Resource. Prior to this, she has over two years of practical experience in the field as a Training Manager at a Healthcare Management consultancy in Lahore, as well as apprenticeships in multinational institutions. Shazah primarily looks after HR functions at Reko such as talent acquisition and in-house training and development activities.

Executive Management

Amjad Masood

Mr. Amjad Masood

Production Manager

Amjad Masood started his career in the local pharmaceutical industry as a Production Pharmacist. Today as a Production Manager at Reko, he holds over 11 years of local pharmaceutical expertise to his name. His expertise lies in manufacturing areas such as sterile, liquid syrups, capsules, tablets, and dry powder. He graduated from the Islamia University Bahawalpur with a B. Pharmacy. He takes part in formal training programs regularly and is a testament to the fact that self-growth is timeless and a necessity.

Mehboob Alam

Mr. Mehboob Alam

Accounts Manager

Mehboob acquired his Bachelors’s degree in Commerce from the University of Punjab. He started as an Accounts Assistant in 1998 and gradually worked his way up to a managerial post. He holds over 16 years of practical experience and serves as the Accounts Manager to the organization. He is exceptionally acute when dealing with financial matters.

Asif Ali Bokhari

Mr. Asif Ali Bukhari

Special Assistant to MD

Asif Bokhari has been an employee at Reko Pharmacal for the past 43 years. Being among the first few hirelings here, he remains one of our most loyal and devoted team members. He began his professional career as a Production Pharmacist. Following that, he has served in a multitude of roles and has exhibited a high degree of responsibility and soundness. He currently serves as Special Assistant to the Managing Director.

Shahnaz Akhtar

Ms. Shahnaz Akhtar

Quality Control Manager

Shahnaz acquired her M.Sc chemistry Degree from Islamia University Bahawalpur and began her career as a Quality Control Analyst at Reko Pharmacal in 1993. Her high standards clearly spoke of her success as she rose up the hierarchy and was promoted as Quality Control Manager in January 2012. Her expertise lies in maintaining the quality of our pharmaceutical products in accordance with internationals standards. She holds over 23 years of practical experience to her name.

Adnan Mateen

Mr. Adnan Mateen

Supply Chain Manager

Equipped with an MA in Political Science from Punjab University, Adnan Mateen is currently employed as the Supply Chain Manager at Reko Pharmacal. Previously, Adnan has over five years of experience in procurement roles in KSA and Pakistan both. Adnan is responsible for regulating our relations with DRAP, and customs to ensure smooth working relations are maintained.

Irfan Naz

Mr. Muhammad Irfan Naz

Store Manager

Mr. Irfan Naz started his career with Reko Pharmacal in June 2002 as a Store Officer. In 2015 he was promoted as Assistant Supply Chain Manager. Today as a Store Manager, he holds immense pharmaceutical expertise to his name. His expertise lies in establishing and maintaining standard operating procedures for the handling of raw materials, packing materials, and finished goods with control of other activities in the store department.