Reko Pharmacal (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1962 in Pakistan by Mian Khalid Mansur (Msc Industrial Pharmacy from St Louis University the US) with a vision to establish a quality conscious unit to cater to the health care needs of the people.

Reko Pharmacal (ISO-9001-2015 certified) spans over an area of 90,000 square feet with a total strength of 300 employees and over 150 registered products.

We have a GMP-compliant manufacturing facility with an HVAC system operating in all production and warehouse areas to ensure proper environmental conditions.

We have the following sections with a capacity of 20 million units:
1. General Tablet section
2. Psychotropic tablet section
3. Injectable section
4. Eye drops section
5. Semi-solid ( creams & ointment)
6. Liquid syrup section
7. Cephlasporin dry suspension & capsules section
8. General capsule section.
9. Cosmetic section(separate unit)

Reko Pharmacal has been toll manufacturing for multinational and local companies for the past three with a proven track record for quality toll manufacturing, efficacy and consistency, and compliance.

We are offering our toll manufacturing services at very reasonable and cost-effective rates and interested Parties can contact us on the following email